Back in NY

Today it's one week since I left home after having a month of Christmas vacation. Here are some pictures from the first couple of days spent in the city.

Bye Norway! See you in six months.

Blurry NYC at night, seen from the air.

Staying at The Roosevelt.

Breakfast at American diner. Yummy.

Watching people ice skating in Central Park.


Emilie and me asking randoms to take photos.

Walk in the park.

5th Ave.

Still Christmas at Rockefeller.

Cute birdie.

Leaving hotel. Back to EF, back to reality.

Btw: I sat two rows behind this crazy man on the plane from Reykjavik to New York. An experience out of the ordinary.


En jente. Ett r. Boarding school. New York.

designet er laget av renate.